BPM – Closing the loop

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I wanted to lay down the components of a typical BPM system and how they all work together to provide the concept of process management to the organization.

Business Process Management is both a business and a technology concept depending upon the perspective and roles we perform in an organization.

In this post, I want to target the operational and technical aspects of what constitutes within the realm of BPM.

Operationally speaking Business Process Management is all about achieving efficiency and efficacy for the organization. (Best Practice Note : All process related activities from operational level should be aligned to the value increase for the end customer for maximum results). In Operational terms typically BPM will start with :

  1. Business Process Discovery and Analysis : This phase would be all about identifying and envisioning the right process to focus for BPM. Organizations should consider performing Business Process Transformation exercises through series of improvement cycles (use of Lean,Six Sigma to be considered) to achieve the target process map. Having said that its always essential to realize that the aim of BPM is to allow flexibility in incorporating process changes  and organizations should avoid the “Paralysis by analysis” pitfall. Common activities to consider in BPA stage for readers understanding can be :
    • Business Process Discovery workshops
    • Business Process Modelling and setting up Key Process Indicators
    • Business Process Analysis using static analysis (gap analysis metrics, process traceability analysis etc.) and dynamic analysis (simulation using discrete events etc.)
    • Business Process Communication/Publishing : Publish the target process maps for the stakeholders Continue reading ‘BPM – Closing the loop’

BPM – Where Art Thou?

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Starting the blog by using the content written earlier regarding BPM (Business Process Management)

I would like to start by raising a question to all, What do you think is BPM?. To make the discussion specific, lets start by narrowing down the debate for BPM in two dimensions:

1) BPM from Business view
2) BPM for Technology view

Most of us will probably answer and would agree that BPM is both a Business and a technical concept and depends on the context of discussion can be defined separately. For me the definitions can be as follows (very generically)

BPM for Business can be defined as a way of thinking and an approach which allows the organization to focus and manage its business processes with the aim of deriving efficiency and excellence in its way of working across multiple levels of business to achieve defined corporate objectives

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Welcome BPM/SOA Practitioners

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I am looking at this blog to be a consolidation effort of thoughts out there around Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture both from business and technical perspective. Looking forward to starting a series of debates and discussions around topics which are essential to bring us all to on the same page. I would deeply appreciate everyone involved in this field to chip in and provide valuable inputs and resources to make it a successful endeavour. 

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